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Centralina MaxxECU Pro

Centralina MaxxECU Pro

MaxxECU PRO is a product developed from the ground up to be flexible, reliable and fast. MaxxECU PRO gives the user complete engine control!
Fast Facts:

  • Up to 12 cylinders sequentially.
  • 16 injector outputs (low or high impedance injectors).
  • 12 ignition outputs
  • 12 inputs for exhaust gas temperature sensors (EGT).
  • Built in MAP-sensor for boost pressure up to 3bar (400Kpa).
  • Built in driver for dual WBO sensors (LSU 4.2 and 4.9 compatible)
  • Dual E-Throttle(DBW) support.
  • Dual knock sensor input
  • 16 optional 0-5V inputs.
  • 6 additional temperature inputs.
  • 10 additional digital inputs (4 of them can be used with VR sensors)
  • 30 auxiliary outputs (GPO), 8 of them +12v outputs
  • 2 0-5V output.
  • 1 5-10v output (sensor output).
  • Dual CAN bus.
  • Waterproof aluminum case.
  • Connectors, software and settings completely backwards compatible with standard MaxxECU. Easy upgrade.
    € 2.130,41Prezzo
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